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Laminados para autos

Color Stable | Obsidian | Scotchshield

Tintado de cristales para vehículos


Our wide selection of automotive glass window films ensure you get maximum performance, whether it's heat rejection, privacy, UV protection; while providing durability unlike any other type of window film in the industry.

Leaning on trusted brands like 3M, Xpel and Performa Films you can be sure the performance is proven.

IR Films
Deep dyed
Paint Protection


Our spectrum selective films for automotive in addition to providing privacy and ultraviolet protection, provide high heat rejection since they block a large amount of infrared rays, which represent around 53% of solar heat.

Laminado 3M Color Stable en Mini

3M Color Stable window film is made of nano carbon, provides great protection against heat by rejecting infrared rays as well as providing ultraviolet protection. It also delivers privacy and glare reduction.

Laminado Performa Ceramic IR en Hyundai Santa Fe

Performa IR Plus window film incorporates nano ceramic technology that provides up to 66% heat rejection, the highest on the market for non-reflective films. In addition, its deep-dyed layers will guarantee that it will not lose color during its lifespan.



Our deep-dyed films are tinted films that provide privacy, light blocking and heat rejection. The deep-dyed process makes its durability superior to traditional chip-dyed window films that tend to discolor or turn purple or brown over time.

Tintado 3M Obsidian en Veloster blanco

3M Obsidian is a 4 level privacy window film with up to 44% heat rejection and 99% UV protection. It is the window film for those looking for long durability at a competitive price point.

Tintado Performa Charcoal en Volkswagen Beetle

Performa NR Charcoal is a dark window film that provides privacy, heat rejection and ultraviolet protection. It is the ideal choice when looking for privacy without reflectivity, long durability and at a competitive price.


Our spectrum selective window films are films that work exclusively or mostly on the rejection of infrared rays, this allows the rejection of a large amount of heat and at the same time let through a large amount of light. Simply put, they are clear films with high heat rejection.

Tintado 3M Crystalline en Range Rover Sport

3M Crystalline window film (Prestige) consists of a transparent and semi-darkened multilayer polyester film that with 3M's proprietary dispersion technology achieves high heat rejection without darkening your windows.

Laminado Performa Ceramic 70 en Audi A7

Performa Ceramic 70 window film provides excellent clarity, UV protection and 47% heat rejection through high infrared rejection on a virtually transparent film.



3M Scotchshield security films help retain glass fragments in the event of breakage, others such as Clearplex Windshield Protection prevent breakage of the windshield from debris and road stones.

Laminado Clearplex instalado en Ferrari

Clearplex film prevents windshield and other glass from breaking when impacted by road debris and stones. Avoid having to replace glass, especially on high-end cars and commercial vehicles that mean high replacement costs.

Laminado de seguridad para autos 3M Scotchshield en Jeel Wrangler

3M Scotchshield window film will retains glass fragments adhering to the film in the event of high impact breakage while providing UV protection, heat reduction, and various levels of privacy.



Paint protection films are installed over all painted parts of a vehicle, protecting it from scratches, road debris, acid rain, bird droppings and general contamination, allowing you to drive a new car every day. Get protected today!

Laminado Xpel Paint Protection Film instalado en carro

Xpel Ultimate Plus paint protection film (PPF) is a polyurethane film that maintains the original look of your vehicle's paint while protecting it from road pollution.

Lamina de protección de pintura Protek

Protek paint protection film will help keep your car's paint looking like new, protecting it from debris, scratches, contamination.


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Visit our project gallery and learn what our products can do for your design. From solar control films, which will help improve your interior comfort while reducing energy costs; also decorative and security window films.

Laminado de seguridad 3M Scotchshield en Jeep Wrangler
Laminado Performa Charcoal en el Zoológico Nacional de Santo Domingo
Laminado Ceramic 70 en Audi A7
Laminado Edge Ultraview en KFC Núñez de Cáceres, Santo Domingo
Laminado Performa Ceramic IR Plus en Hyundai Santa Fe
Laminado para el calor 3M Prestige en residencia privada en La Esperilla, Santo Domingo
Laminado reflectivo para el calor en torre de control
Laminado 3M Crystalline en parabrisas Range Rover
Laminado Huper Optik Select DREI en oficinas Torre KM, 27 de Febrero, Santo Domingo
Laminado contra el calor Huper Optik Ceramic 50 en El Millón, Santo Domingo
Laminado Performa Ceramic IR Plus en Ford Mustang
Laminado para el calor Huper Optik Ceramic en oficinas Sued & Fargesa, Gascue, Santo Domingo
Laminado Cerámico Huper Optik para el calor en tienda Rica, John F. Kennedy, Santo Domingo
Laminado Huper Optik Select DREI en Volvo
Ceramic 9
Laminado para el calor 3M Prestige en residencia privada en La Esperilla, Santo Domingo
Laminado reflectivo para el calor Casa Kyres, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Laminado Edge Ultraview en KFC Núñez de Cáceres, Santo Domingo
Laminado 3M en Mini